Ordinances 2017

Click on the links below for ordinances or resolutions. They are labeled by ordinance or resolution number, year and explanation.

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O-1-2017 – ORD- Lecce tax contractor 2017 – 1-3-17

O-2-2017 – ORD – hire Long as asst to Clerk – 1-3-17

O-3-2017 -ORD – Raising Mayor Pay 1-3-17

O-4-2017 – ORD – Jan 2017 Aux Officers (00386574xBE3C8)

O-5-2017 – ORD – to Edit P and P (Uniforms) (00370225xBE3C8)

O-6-2017 – ORD.edit zoning code (short term signs) (00347504xBE3C8)

O-7-2017 – ORD approve Lexis Nexis contract (00398385xBE3C8)

O-8-2017 – ORD.hire PT Patrolman West (00398384xBE3C8)

O-9-2017 ORD -Appoint Peace Officers Board (00396400xBE3C8)

O-10-2017 – ORD Amending Municipal Income Tax Code 2017 (00387389xBE3C8)

O-11-2017 – ORD Amend Tax Board (00397324xBE3C8)

O-12-2017 – ORD. approve lot split Carretta (00376691xBE3C8)

O-13-2017 – ORD Honorary Street Name Policy (00370691xBE3C8)

O-14-2017 – ORD 2017 Permanent Appropriations – 3-6-17

O-15-2017 ORD Hire Crossing Guard 2017 (00407019xBE3C8)

O-16-2017 ORD Concealed Carry (00407039xBE3C8)

O-17-2017 ORD.set rates of pay 2017 – revised at 2nd reading

O-18-2017 ORD Hire Water Operator (IC) (00407110xBE3C8)

O-19-2017 ORD Contract for Tax Software (00425563xBE3C8)

O-20-2017 ORD Edit P and P (Health Insurance Waiver) (00407685xBE3C8)

O-21-2017 ORD Hire Temporary Water Operator (00433897xBE3C8)

O-22-2017 – ORD to hire Williams 2017 (00434000xBE3C8)

O-23-2017 ORD Authorize Additional Police Hours (00440644xBE3C8)

O-24-2017 ORD Edit P and P (Public Records) (00409746xBE3C8)

O-25-2017 ORD Door to Door Solicitation (00426363xBE3C8)

O-26-2017 ORD Edit P and P (Salary Issue) (00436867xBE3C8)

O-27-2017 ORD Edit P and P (Time Clock-6 minute rule) (00436314xBE3C8) (2)

O-28-2017 – ORD.hire PT Patrolman Williams (00449741xBE3C8)

O-29-2017 July 2017 Aux Officers (00449145xBE3C8)

O-30-2017 ORD Amend Solicitation 8-1-17

O-31-2017 ORD to approve OPWC Docs (00455612xBE3C8)

O-32-2017 – ORD approve Engineering Contract

O-33-2017 ORD Rescinding ORD 94-2014 – 10-2-17

O-34-2017 – ORD Approving Lake Region Settlement 10-2-17

O-35-2017 2018 Public Defender Ordinance 10-2-17

O-36-2017 ORD Hire Crossing Guard (Amber Fath) 10-2-17

O-37-2017 ORD.raise water rates 2017 – 10-2-17

O-38-2017 ORD to revise OPWC Docs 11-15-17

O-39-2017 ORD Establish Shared Health Insurance Percentage 12-4-17

O-40-2017 Prisoner Housing Contract 2018 12-4-17

O-41-2017 – ORD.set rates of pay 2018 12-4-17

O-42-2017 Bailey Aux Officer 12-4-17

O-43-2017 Appoint Tax Board (2017-for term of 2018-2020) 12-4-17

O-44-2017 ORDINANCE – LEGAL COUNSEL 2018 12-4-17

O-45-2017 ORDINANCE Amending Municipal Income Tax Code 2018 12-4-17

O-46-2017 ORD Lecce tax contractor 2018 12-4-17

O-47-2017 ORD to hire Williams 2018 12-18-17


R-1-2017 Amend Cert nmbr 1- 2-6-17

R-2-2017 Amend Cert nmbr 2- 2-6-17

R-3- 2017 request to amend appropriations 2-6-2017

R-4- 2017 request to amend appropriations 3-6-17

R-5-2017 Resolution for GIS Contract (00424100xBE3C8)

R-6-2017 resolution to governor -income tax – 3-6-17

R-7-2017 Amend Cert nmbr 3- 5-1-17

R-8- 2017 request to amend appropriations 5-1-17

R-9-2017 Resolution Library Grant (00434037xBE3C8)

R-10- 2017 request to amend appropriations 7-3-17

R-11-2017 – FEMA mitigation

R-12-2018 OPWC Reimbursement Resolution (00453059xBE3C8)

R-13- 2017 request to amend appropriations 8-28-17

R-14- 2017 request to amend appropriations 10-2-17

R-15-2017 – Amounts and rates det by budget commission 10-2-17

R-16-2017 ARC Funding Resolution 11-6-17

R-17-2017 Village of Bolivar – depository agreement 11-6-17

R-18- 2017 request to amend appropriations 11-6-17

R-19- 2017 amended appropriation – Dec 4 2017

R-20-2017 – temporary appropriations for 2018 12-18-17