Ordinances 2018

Click on the links below for ordinances or resolutions. They are labeled by ordinance or resolution number, year and explanation.

(You will need Adobe acrobat or reader to view these items. Visit www.adobe.com for the application.)

O-1-2018 – ORD Amending Credit and Debit Card Policy 1-2-18

O-2-2018 – ORD Amended set rates of pay 2018 1-2-18

O-3-2018 – ORD Lecce tax Admin 2018 1-2-18

O-4-2018 – Permanent Appropriations – FINAL – Feb 5 2018

O-5-2018 -ORD Income tax rate reallocation 2-5-18

R-1-2018 – Resolution for ARC – Canal St Imrovement Project 1-2-18