Now Hiring

Now Hiring

The Village of Bolivar is accepting applications for the Position of part-time Street Laborer.  We will be accepting applications until a qualified candidate is found and the rate of pay is $17 per hour.  A detailed job description for each position can be found by clicking here.  Please send letter of interest and resumes to or drop off at the Village Office between the hours of 9am to 1pm.

Mayor’s Water Letter, dated April 8, 2022

April 8, 2022 

Dear Resident, 

The Village of Bolivar has changed the way we are billing for water. We have adopted a combination of a monthly minimum charge and a metered service charge for our water rate structure. The minimum charge is a base rate that covers the costs of maintaining the existing infrastructure and repaying loans and bonds used to build or upgrade infrastructure. The metered service-charges are the price the customer pays per volume of water used, which reflect the costs of providing water, such as costs for chemical treatment to provide safe water and energy to move and deliver water. The minimum monthly charge has been set at $43.00 a month. This minimum charge includes 2,000 gallons of water, however an additional $5.75 will be charged for every 1,000 gallons of water used over and above 2,000 gallons covered in the minimum monthly charge. 

We understand that some of our residents are on a fixed income and these increases may become a financial burden. For that reason, we have established a homestead minimum monthly charge of $38.00 a month. This homestead rate will encompass the first 2,000 gallons of water used per month, however the additional $5.75 will be charged for every 1,000 gallons of water used over and above 2,000 gallons covered in the homestead monthly charge.

What is the Homestead Exemption? The homestead exemption provides a reduction in property taxes to qualified senior or disabled citizens, or a surviving spouse, on the dwelling that is that individual’s principal place of residence and up to one acre of land of which an eligible individual is an owner. In addition tot he above requirements, there is a statewide income threshold for Homestead Exemption of $34,600.

To qualify for the homestead base rate, a resident must show proof that they have been granted Homestead Exemption by the Tuscarawas County Auditor’s Office.

The Village of Bolivar’s new metered water rates went into effect on March 1st 2022. The enclosed bill is the first metered water bill issued since the water meters were installed last year. We waited to collect data on how much water was being used by every household so we could determine what our minimum monthly charge and metered service charge needed to be to cover the cost associated with the water system.

After collecting his data, we contracted with the Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) to perform a rate study. They analyzed the data we provided them and recommended we adopt the new rate table. These rate increases were necessary for a number of reasons:

  • Many of the water transmission lines throughout the village have exceeded their useful lifespan and need replacement.
  • The village’s previous rates were so low that it hindered the village from being able to secure grant funding and low interest loans from agencies that offer financial assistance to upgrade and improve public water systems.
  • The lack of metered water billing prevented us from being able to qualify for grant funding and low interest loans for the necessary upgrades to our water system.
  • We took out a loan to cover the cost of the water meter installation project, and the new rates will help us cover the cost associated with this loan.
  • The village will start buying water from the Tuscarawas County Metropolitan Water & Sewer in 2023 to come into compliance with the EPA’s administrative compliance order.

For all of these reasons, council voted to approve the above listed minimum charge of $43.00 a month and additional $5.75 per every 1,000 gallons of water used over and above the minimum monthly charge.

Our goal is to provide and maintain a first-class water system for our residents and businesses. For that reason, the Village of Bolivar will reassess the metered water rate table in one year and contract with RCAP once again to perform another rate study. This will allow us to both reassess the village’s goals and priorities for the water system, as well as reevaluate whether any adjustments need to be made to the metered rate after an additional year’s worth of data has been collected.

As always, feel free to call or stop down to the office and speak to someone about any additional question we have not yet answered.


Tim Lang

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New app to report issues

SeeClickFix is a new tool the village uses where you can request non-emergency fixes.

Categories include:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Drain/flooding issues
  • Potholes
  • Lighting issues
  • Sidewalk dangers
  • Traffic problems
  • More!

Download the app below to quickly report the above issues. The app is free, and will allow the village to respond to issues on a timely basis.

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Bolivar Resident PacketClick here for the Bolivar Resident Packet

***Please note that the village will not be accepting cash for payments until further notice***

NOTICE – From the Village of Bolivar Treasurer:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Village of Bolivar is seeking full participation from our residents to update their contact information with our office to better prepare for us in the event of having to issue an emergency public alert. Please send an email to: with your name, address, preferred phone number and email address. Feel free to add emails for each of your household members, however, we are asking for one primary phone contact per residence.

This notice is only for those who currently receive a water bill from the village of Bolivar; this is not township wide as it only pertains to current Bolivar utility customers only.

Please share this with your neighbors to help us better serve you and get this message out more effectively.

Please be advised, the village offices are operating on a limited basis. However, voicemails, emails, regular mail and the utility box will continue to be checked daily. Be sure to visit this website for additional updates.

During this challenging time, the street department has resumed composting pickup. We ask, since there will only be one person performing this task at this time, not to over fill your totes and for all limbs not to exceed 3 foot in length.

On behalf of the village of Bolivar, please be safe by taking the necessary precautions. Thank you!

Kimble C19Kimble Covid-19 Response Plan

Click here for important information regarding Covid-19 from Kimble.

Columbia Gas News

Click here for 2021 third quarter news from Columbia Gas Company.

Bolivar Strawberry Festival2022 Festival Events

Bolivar Main Street’s 16th Annual Strawberry Festival will be June 9, 10 and 11, 2022.

Canal Street Cruise-In will be July 23, 2022 in downtown, featuring antique and unique automobiles and motorcycles.

Christmas on the Canal was held Nov., 12, 2022, at the Christmas House. The event is filled with kid-friendly crafts, music, and the arrival of SANTA! This annual event kicks off the holidays in festive style!

You may now pay your Water/Trash Utility Online


Municipality code: BolivarOH612

Bill & Pay is a tool you can use to pay your utility bills online with a debit or credit card. You will be able to view past bills and any payments you have made. New users will need to register

Seasonal Information


  • Lawn and garden sprinkling and irrigation will be permitted April 1 through November 1 each year.
  • Lawn and gardening devices can be used 8:00 to 9:00 am and 7:00 to 9:00 pm.


  • Compost is picked up each Monday, weather permitting beginning late March/early April through November. Compost should be placed in open containers, not in bags. Please do not mix trash with compost.
  • Please do not over fill containers especially with wet grass clippings. Place container at the edge of the road. No limbs or shrubs – if you cut them up, take them to the Lawrence Township building compost site. Nothing over 4ft can be taken to that site. Remember this is a courtesy to our residents!


  • Open Burning in the village is prohibited by ORD.#275. Warnings will be given and fines handed out. Please call village hall for any questions.

Leaves and Composting

All leaves should be raked to the end of the road and should not be around mailboxes or poles.

Village of Bolivar Consumer Confidence Report

Is my water safe?

We are pleased to present the Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). This report is designed to provide details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies. This report is a snapshot of water quality.  We are committed to providing you with information because informed customers are our best allies. Click below for the full report in pdf form.

For Your Information:

Ordinance No. 1986-393  An ordinance providing for the control of overgrown grass, weeds, and other plantings. The ordinance sets a height limitation  of 12 inches and states the property owner is responsible to mow. You will be given a written notice and have 5 days to comply, after that the village will mow the grass and reasonable costs will apply with the home owner having 10 days to pay for the cost of mowing. If it is not paid then  a lien will be placed on the homeowners property.  There is also a chance of the homeowner being charged with a minor misdemeanor of up to $100.

Trash Ordinance #0-103-2014  Cans cannot be out any earlier than 24 hrs before pickup and need to be removed by 8pm the night of pickup. A fine of $15 per occurrence.

Towpath Completion

Towpath Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2016

On October 15, 2016 a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrating the completion of the Bolivar section of the Towpath Trail was held.  Speakers included Mayor Rebecca Hubble of the Village of Bolivar; Dan Rice, president and CEO of the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition; Dick Lebold; and Tuscarawas County Commissioner Kerry Metzger.

View photos of the event by clicking here.



Bolivar is now accepting cash payments in person only. (not to be dropped off in box)

Coronavirus Information

Facts, symptoms and guidelines regarding coronavirus can be found on our Covid-19 page.