Kimble works hard to preserve precious landfill capacity by recycling nearly 350,000 pounds of post-consumer waste EACH DAY! We encourage participation in this program which provides residents a convenient way to help the environment, while helping the Village earn charitable donations from Kimble. Kimble tracks and reports the amount of recyclables collected from residents, and in turn makes charitable donations at the discretion of the Village based on total tons recycled.

Recyclables will be collected EVERY-OTHER-WEEK by a separate recycling truck. Simply place your recycling tote three feet apart from your trash tote on collection day. Leave three feet of space between recycling tote and other objects, with lid opening facing the street.

All recyclables collected in the Village will be taken to the Kimble Recycling facility to be processed, segregated and returned to market. Thank you for helping make Bolivar’s recycling program a success.

For more Kimble Recycling information, visit

Inquiries regarding recycling can be directed to

Kimble Recycling and Disposal P.O. Box 448
Dover, Ohio 44622 1-800-201-0005 

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Recycling with Kimble

Follow this informative guide for 3 easy steps to recycle right plus a list of common recyclable items in your household.


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